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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored on your internet browser. When you visit a website, they will ask permission to store a cookie on your browser which identifies what you do and your behaviour using a unique identifier. On the whole cookies are used by websites to improve your experience by displaying information it thinks is relevant to you based on other cookies.

Below are the cookies used by

The majority of cookies will expire within 30 days, although the Google Analytics cookies may remain for longer. does not use any cookies to advertise to you or take any information from previous sites you have visited, and will not sell any information we have obtained. As we mentioned above, none of the cookies and information we gather can be used to personally identify any information about you, other than the pages you visited on this website.

You can delete your cookies at any time in your internet browser settings and even set them to not be stored at all. This will likely hamper your overall site experience here and on other websites as many places rely on them to work correctly, however this is completely your decision.